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ZVYC Laser Nationals News

Dear Sailors and Friends,

LASER NATIONALS, DURBAN: Zeekoevlei Yacht Sweeps The Board!

Well Done to all our members who sailed recently at Durban Offshore!
With a combined fleet of 63 entries the following results were achieved by our club:

LASER STANDARD (27 entries)
3rd PLACE  & 1st PLACE Apprentice Master Alistair Keytel
1st PLACE Grand Master – Alan Keen

LASER RADIAL RIG (25 entries)
1st PLACE  & 1st Youth Category – Dylan Long
2nd PLACE Great Grand Master & Oldest Competitor – Ken Holliday

LASER 4.7 (9 entries)
1st PLACE – Kai Leslie
2nd PLACE  & 1st GIRL – Sarah Jane Deary
3rd PLACE – Elsje Dijkstra

Also Congrats to the “Regatta Helpers”:
On the Starting Boat- Millicent Keen, Leonor Holliday & Ron Keytel;
On the “Water Support Team”- Craig Leslie & Peter Mamacos;
And ALL the anxious parents at home on the “WhatsApp” group!

Well Done!

Best wishes,
on behalf of ZVYC,
Anna, Kathryn & Ron

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