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Reminder to members to complete Details Update Form

Dear Members

For those members who have been struggling with our access control on the “fingerprint” system we have installed another system (G Switch) to run in tandem with the existing system.
It works on the mobile phone system – you call a number for the gate and it opens – and does NOT cost you a call (it is a missed call only). This can be done remotely you don’t even have to come to the Club (although we will love you to); no more problems!
We load your phone number onto the system and you will be set up to use it.

You will be registered on the system when you have paid all your fees and filled in our Member’s Details Update Form online here. If you have not done so yet, please do so quicky now – it will take you less than five minutes, no paper, scanning and faxing – quick and easy excercise!

Many thanks!

Member’s Details Update Form online here.

Go sailing & best wishes,
Ron & Anna

Sail at ZVYC

ZVYC provides training programs for multiple ages and levels – the most popular being the junior courses. To find out more about these programs please contact us.

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