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ZVYC News 24 July 2014: Lots of Good News

Dear Members and Friends,

Good news for the water users!

The Vlei is almost full and is usable for any water sport, rowing and sailing.


More Good News!

For those members who have been struggling with our access control on the “fingerprint” system we have installed another system (G Switch) to run in tandem with the existing system.
It works on the mobile phone system – you call a number for the gate and it opens – and does NOT cost you a call (it is a missed call only). This can be done remotely you don’t even have to come to the Club (although we will love you to); no more problems!

We load your phone number onto the system and you will be set up to use it. You will be registered on the system when you have paid all your fees and filled in our Member’s Details Form online here. Please do so quicky now – it will take you less than five minutes, no paper, scanning and faxing – quick and easy excercise!

More, More Good News!

We’re hosting THE regatta of Western Cape Sailing in the new sailing season, and the opening one, too – The Southern Charter Spring Open on 27 & 28 September, and have already ordered beautiful sunny weather and perfect sailing winds. We are already hard at work organising the only truly open regatta and also the only hometown interclub regatta for Capetown sailors.

The Southern Charter Spring Open promises to be BIG – and be a fantastic combination of great, competitive sailing and great fun. We have Doug Alison as our Race Officer and are expecting a record fleet. After sailing on the Saturday there is fantastic food and entertainmemt (including us watching the Boks thrash the Aussies on the rugby field) and free camping or sleeping downstairs at the club. We trust you have already put the dates in your diary..

We have a great evening at the club this past Wednesday where sailors from the different classes put forward so many great ideas on the sailing for the weekend. Thanks to all those who attended and gave their input.
The NOR, Entry Form and Poster are going out later today – so watch your inboxes and enter online!


Alfred Rowing Club News

On Saturday, July 12, 2014, Guy Biscoe wrote:

A good morning, yesterday At Henley was a very exciting and full day of activity here.
The location is amazing – reminiscent of the Royal Regatta from the weekend prior. The course remains boomed and the marquees of the vast Stewards Enclosure are still in place although now repurposed for the Henley Festival.
The lads in the quad had been seeded straight to the Semi finals in the draw. This was both a compliment but on the downside had wait all day for the race at the end of the day.
We had the opportunity to check form of the opposition in the quarter finals we saw a competent quad from Ardingly RC (another ARC!) dispatch a rudimentary Chinese quad from Zheijianke Vanke with some ease and this was followed by a blistering performance from a solid and sharp four man unit from Bewl Bridge RC dominated Walton at 24strokes per minute, as they passed us at the half way mark the stroke man called ‘Lads, Enjoy!’ as he dropped the rating. Alfred would meet them on the stakeboat later..
While the lads were queuing up for their slot my dad and I witnesses an equally impressive quad beat Ardlingly in 3:18.
From my vantage point at the crucial half way mark I spied the blade splashes just after the start and quickly could see Bewl had the advantage from the beginning. By half way as we shouted ourselves hoarse there was over a two length gap. Bewl were rating at 36, Alfred at about 31. The gap widened all the way to the finish line – despite our earnest encouragement.
whilst somewhat deflated at the dock the boys were contented with their row. We will watch that final with interest.
The knockout has done little to dampen our enthusiasm. The trip as a whole is amazing. It has been very special to row with the guys on the Tideway and then to stay at iconic Leander club steeped in rowing history with all the rowing greats looking down upon us from the photographs of Olympic glory!
I’m walking to the start now with Andrew to get in the launch to watch Fabien and Gavin set off in their doubles race. Wish them luck!
Results later.
Guy Biscoe



To all Clubs and Classes of the WC
WC Judges Seminar (Organized by our own members Alan Keen & Lance Burger)
Dates: 8, 9 and 10 August 2014
Venue: RCYC

RCYC is hosting a Judges Seminar, endorsed by SAS, on 8 – 10
August. This is an excellent opportunity to learn, and to potentially offer your services back to
sailing by becoming useful for adjudication or protest committee duty. There are only a
handful of members currently contributing here, and so it would be kind on them to spread
the net a little wider. Particularly those who participated in the Race Officers Course in September last year (this is not compulsory).

Members of the Sailing community are invited to register for the upcoming Judges Seminar.
The seminar will be presented by Lance Burger and Alan Keen who have both active and accomplished Sailors and who have both served on important international juries such as the Laser Worlds and the Olympic games. Alan Keen and Lance Burger have already run two successful “Judges Seminars” in the last year, one in Gauteng and the other in KZN, that have resulted in some of the candidates being nominated for the position of National Judge.
The Seminar is aimed at candidates who have good working knowledge of the Sailing Rules.
Those wishing to become more proficient at judging and serving on protest committees and those wishing to develop the initial skills to become a National and later possibly an International Judge will benefit most.

To be noted is that the course is not an easy one to complete. Candidates will be expected to read extensive course material prior to the course and will be required to complete a self evaluation exam at the end of the course. Candidates who achieve good results will be recommended for the position of National Judge.

Of interest is that participants of the last two courses have indicated that the satisfaction gained from completing the course far outweighs the effort put in. These courses are valuable in that they improve the quality of our racing in SA and enable South African’s to participate in race organisation at an international level.
The number of participants will be limited to 20.
The cost of the course is R275 (if you feel you want to attend please approach us about subsidizing this cost) which includes all course material and refreshments including 2x lunches

If you wish to register, or if you have any questions, or if you would like to get a summarised copy of the syllabus, then please contact:
Wendy at the SAS WC office on 021 531 1860 or at


Good luck to the Teras!

Good luck and fair winds to our members to sail and help organize the Tera World Championships at Swartvlei Southern Cape this weekend.



Go sailing & best wishes,
Ron & Anna

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