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ZVYC News 26 April 2016

Dear Sailors and Friends,


Participants for the MDM Team Slalom Event were greeted by idyllic conditions when they arrived at the club this past Sunday, unfortunately it just wasn’t great for sailing as the Vlei was like a milk pond. So with no wind, sailors and volunteers got to lounge around the clubs lawns, enjoy the views, Rochelle’s Breakfasts and watch the rowers making the most of their ideal conditions, not a bad way to spend the morning.
Skippers briefing took place on time @10 and the relaxed skippers were briefed on the format of the day and split into 2 equal teams and Captains allocated, the teams were as follows:

Class Red Team Rank Blue team Rank
Optimist Alex Falcon (Capt) 1 Matt Ashwell 2
Thomas Slater 4 Hamilton Slater 3
RS Tera Shane Josephs 2 Ashley Rudolph 1
Dean Topass 3 Amir Yagyha 4
Laser Std Alan Keen 1 Lance Burger 2
Andrew McFarlane 4 Simon VanNirop 3
Laser Radial Elsje Dijkstra 2 Kai Lesley (Capt) 1
Campbell Tylie 3 Patrick Jackson 4
Total Red Rank 20 Total Blue Rank 20

The wind filled in from the North West at about 11h30 and the race organizers quickly got out on the water to lay the course in front of club, with 2 slalom courses required, which included 17 marks it was no small feat, yet it was done fairly quickly. In the meantime the teams finished “strategizing”, got themselves on the water and once on the water started practicing their gybes on the slalom courses. Shortly after, the wind changed direction to the West, which meant a course change, the mark layers were unamused but with no other choice set about picking up the 17 marks and relaying the 2 courses. 
   Soon after, the first Flight which was “Red Boat-on-Blue Boat” got underway, with each of the teams classed boat having to race against the other teams classed boat e.g. Blue Oppie on Red Oppie or Blue Laser on Red Laser. The winner of each boat-on-boat race earning one point for their team. There was much confusion in this first Flight, with even the seasoned and experienced Race Management of Ron and Millicent getting a little bit confused and one or 2 sailors sailing around more marks than they needed to or less than they should of but in the end the confusion sorted itself out and the Blue team won 5 to 3.
   The 2nd flight was the same format as the 1st and this time, everyone knew what was going on and it ran without incident. In order to keep things fair, the teams had to swap courses with the Red team moving to the port course and Blue team to the Starboard. The Red Team won this Flight also 5 to 3 from the Blue team.
   With the scores level, it came down to the final Flight and for this one, the format was changed to “Tag team” or Relay. The teams got to choose their race order but each team member had to wait until their team member in front of them finished before they could start, the first team to have all their sailors finish would win. There was some very close racing throughout the Flight, with many of the boats matching one another gybe for gybe down the course and in the end it was a very close finish with just a few meters between the last 2 boats but the Blue team got it and won the day 2 Fights to 1.
   After racing, lunch was generously sponsored by MDM and soon after prize giving took place. There were some truly great prizes handed to the winning Blue team. Thank you to MDM and Hylton for their sponsorship!
   The format proved to be popular, watch out for the same event next year with some tweaks!
Rear Commodore Sailing

Blue Team Winners from left: Matt Ashwell, Hamilton Slater, sponsor Hylton Morris, Ashley Rudolf, Lance Burger, Amir Yagyha, Simon van Nierop and Patrick Jackson

It was also this term’s last Junior training followed by their certificate and trophy presentation! Please see our facebook page for pictures (

Oppie Plaque for Perseverance – Anton Orekhov
Most Improved B Fleeter – Thomas Slater
Most Improved Girl – Isabella Keytel
Best Novice – Devin Reed
Fearlessness Trophy – Matthias Scheder-Bieschin
Club Optimist Champion – Matt Ashwell
Best Improved Novice – Drew Olden
Skipper of the Season – Matt Ashwell

Well done to our juniors and we look forward to a new fun season in September!


April 27th, Wednesday: 10h30 Drawdown at the weir, followed by a bring & braai at the club. Fires will be lit at lunchtime. ARC members will also be joining for the braai before heading off to SA Champs
April 29th, Friday: ZVSC are using the Club house for a fundraiser, 18h00
April 30th, Saturday & May 1st Sunday: SA Rowing Championships at Roodeplaat
May 7th, Saturday: club house hired for a wedding 15h00
May 8th, Sunday: Mother’s Day Lunch at ZVYC, 3 course meal for R150.00. Details to follow.
May 15th, Sunday: Alfred Rowing Club AGM, Upper Deck
May 19th, Thursday: ZVYC AGM, 19h30 in the main hall of the club house


Draw-down at the Weir, Wednesday 27th May 2016
Members and friends are welcome to join in at the annual draw-down of the Vlei water tomorrow at the weir at 10h30. Thereafter, ZVYC will be open for a bring and braai. Fires to be lit at lunch time. ZVYC will provide the fires, crockery and cutlery. The upper deck will be open and the galley/tuck shop is closed. Rowing members will also be joining in. The proposed date for the weir gates to go back in is on the 8th July 2016, rainfall dependent.

Mother’s Day Lunch – Sunday 8th May 2016
Come and join us at ZVYC and spoil Mom this mother’s day with a 3 course meal by Rochelle’s Kitchen. Booking is essential. Please call Rochelle on 072 348 7223 or email

ARC AGM – Sunday 15th May 2016
Alfred Rowing Club are having their AGM on  Sunday, 15th May 2016, Upper Deck

ZVYC AGM – Thursday 19th May 2016
Dear members, please be advised that our AGM will be held on Thursday 19th May 2016 all documentation is currently in the course of preparation.

NEW Locks
Our previous swimming pool lock corroded and we now have a new combination lock. The code is available from the office and is also the first 4 digits from the previous lock. When unlocking, turn the dials for the 4 numbers, then squeeze the lock and it will click open. To re-lock, scramble the numbers before locking. Also, the Covered Boat Parking has a new lock and your current key will open it.

Next weekend the club will be open on Sunday 1st May 2016 should members like to enjoy the facilities.

Best wishes,
on behalf of ZVYC,
Kathryn & Ron

Sail at ZVYC

ZVYC provides training programs for multiple ages and levels – the most popular being the junior courses. To find out more about these programs please contact us.

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