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Dear Members and Friends,

Exciting Breaking News!

Congratulations to our Junior sailors for their fantastic results and placings in the 2015 SAS Youth Championships!

Podium positions are:

Matt Ashwell 1st place Optimists
Zander Brooks 2nd place Optimists (tied 1st place, and tie break placed him second)
Kai Leslie 1st place 4.7s
Elsje Djikstra 3rd  place 4.7s
Sonja Stock 3rd place Dabchicks also 1st girl
Nick Faraday & Wade Ashton 3rd place 420s

Kai Leslie

Matt Ashwell

Elsje Dijkstra

Zander Brooks

Sonja Stock

Nick Faraday & Wade Ashton

Well Done!!!!

On behalf of ZVYC,
Anna, Kathryn and Ro

Sail at ZVYC

ZVYC provides training programs for multiple ages and levels – the most popular being the junior courses. To find out more about these programs please contact us.

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