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ZVYC News 23 September 2015

Dear Sailors and Friends,


Wow what a weekend that was, starting right from Friday afternoon at 16h00, it was combined with our once a month TGIF series, I pod music,  rugby opening ceremony and 1st big screen opening game. Also Rochelle’s yummy catering was there to feed us.
Regatta number games: 132 entries, 13 different classes, 39 officials/helpers, thank you guys we really appreciate your commitment and giving up of your valuable free time to help to allow the sailors to enjoy themselves.
Saturday dawned with bright skies and a medium strength SE wind, frantic last minute registrations and to be on the water by 11h30, starts were on time for the 1st races on both the “Big Boat’ and “Small boat“ fleets With “iffy” weather forecast for Sunday it was decided to stay out there and “bang in the races” on the 1st day. The small boat course (Craig Leslie) managed to get in 4 races whilst the Big boat course (Alister Pedan) struggled to only get in 3 races, 3 black flag disqualifications and numerous general recalls in the highly competitive Laser fleets slow the restart procedures down
Back to the shore for your “hunger buster snack” and free bottomless glasses of mohitos and margaritas by Perry and Michele. The “one man band” had the club swinging with lively music. The only disappointment which we did not arrange then happened and it was the rugby, hope blooms internal forever and we look forward to the next games and we are sure we will qualify, the lively live music then made us forget our troubles and even braaiers came in to join the vibe!

Sunday the weather forecasts proved not to be true and 70 of the competitors went and  sailed “Bart’s Bash”  (the results are being processed overseas and the link and for Zeekoe Vlei Club results:, not coming ashore they then went out to carry on sailing the regatta.

ZVYC leg (brackets show International position 11041 entrants) 1st Matt Ashwell Optimist (1046) 2nd Michael Holyle (1184) 3rd Mathew Thorburn (1254)
The wind was out of the north and takes some time to settle down but we managed to get in 3 races on both courses before the cut off time of 14h00.
The Prize giving, I pad & “Moorings” draws took place at the prize giving draws and the exhausted of competitors and families left to the “Vlei-bours” to have a relaxing drinks at the Club.
More numbers: ZVYC member podium finishers:
Laser Std                       1st Alistair Keytel           2nd  Alan Keen            3rd Peter Wilson
Laser Radial (13 entries)  3rd Perry Harrison Hyde
Open Big (5 entries)         2nd Mark Thompson
Optimist A (16 entries)    1st Alexander Brooks         2nd Matt Ashwell         3rd Jemima Baum
420 (9 entries)                  2nd Duane/Shannon          3rd David/Daniel (all ZVSC)
Laser 4.7 (6 entries)         1st Kai Leslie       3rd Cullen Keytel
29er (5 entries)                1st Taariq Jacobs/Neil Malan    2nd Emil/Oli Feuilette
Dabchick (17 entries)       2nd Sonja Stock
Optimist B (13 entries)     3rd Joe Groenhof
Sonnet (10 entries)           2nd Rick/Helen Nankin

Winner of Interclub Commodores Challenge (Finn Class):
1st Hermanus Yacht Club,  2nd Zeekoevlei Yacht Club

For all the ZVYC participants of Bart’s Bash – click here: Zeekoevlei_Yacht_Club_Barts_Bash.pdf

Finally an enormous thanks to South Charter Financial Services for the enormous amount of financial Sponsorship they are providing for South African sailors, lets support them!!!!

To see the pictures and results from the weekend, see our website,, Facebook Page, zeekoevleiyachtclub or visit sasgrandslam.

We will see you all at Theewater Sports Club on the 5th & 6th December for the Southern Charter Grand Slam Series, No 2!


Thursday, 24th September 2015 – Heritage Day
Come to the Club for a sail and Bring & Braai! Wood is supplied! An ideal opportunity to bring your friends to see the club. The weather forecast is for a Sunny day with a light NW ideal conditions for family to come down and relax around the pool / braai and sail if the mood catches you.
The galley will be closed, but the clubhouse and change rooms are open.

Sunday, 27th September 2015

Junior Training – Start Time 09h30
Club Racing: Spring Series Round 1 – Start Time 10h30

The tuckshop will be open from 09h00 and the Galley will be open for lunch on Sunday with delicious meals available from 13h00 prepared by Rochelle (meals from R30):

Pulled Pork Shank & Pea Soup w Roll
Chicken Enchilada w Salad
Beef Lasagne w Salad
Wheat Free Spinach Quiche & Salad


Sunday, 4th October 2015
No Junior Training – School Holidays
Club Racing: Spring Series Round 2 – Start Time 10h30

Sunday, 11th October 2015
BIG EVENT – MDM SERIES Round 1 (Slalom racing)


Hi Everyone
The Masters are over…what an experience! 3500 rowers of all age, size, ability and countries. Some looked like they were fresh from Aiguebelette (in particular the Mens A8 heats were of an incredible standard) and others were there for the pleasure of just being there. The Over 80s races were unbelievable to see, in particular to see 7 8s lining up at the start with crews averaging over 80! Including 3 Japanese crews.
Martin and I tried our best but we were way off the pace. One length behind after 150m is not a good place to be! It was quite nerve-wracking to collect the rented boat (All Filippis) 40mins before the heat, check the setting, set the blades to the right length, collect numbers and paddle as fast as possible to the holding area. All the races were on time, to the minute. We never really had time to warm up and get in the groove, as the boat rental area was right at the start. Then while waiting in the pre-start area, lining up in the right lane, you start sizing the opposition and feel even worse…..In my case, it was difficult to remain fully focused on the race and not being overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the event. I guess it is down to experience. In each race, it took me about 200m to settle and get into the rhythm, by which time it is game over. We had all sorts of conditions, side winds, head wind, no wind and a massive downpour (for my sculling in particular, my scull was 1/3 full of water). That makes it very difficult to compare time between heats. We met 2 great French guys with whom we did a coxed four. Not only we had never rowed together, but our cox had never coxed before! So it was all down to having fun together. But it also reminded me how much more I enjoy sweep…
Masters rowing in Europe is very big. There are so many clubs. Germans, British and Dutch clubs were in very large numbers. The equipment on display, 100s of Empacher and Filippi, was an amazing spectacle. The organisation was extremely slick. Although we were one of the smallest country representation, we really felt part of a World Championship as there were so many nations present.
A big thanks must go to our support crew, Philippa and Bobby – soothing our bruised egos and easing our nerves! They also made us laugh and were unwavering fans. In particular, they excelled at the Masters party on Saturday!
Many thanks to all of you for all your support and messages over the past 3 months
See you all on the water soon.

See you down at the club this weekend!

Best wishes,
on behalf of ZVYC,
Anna, Kathryn & Ron

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